What does Sharod?

It’s been around six months since Sharod joined FSV Schleiz as part of a partnership between the soccer academy and SV 09 Arnstadt. A good time, therefore, to talk to Sharod about how he has settled in and how he has experienced his time in Schleiz so far. Recently, Sharod and his team were guests at a small preparation tournament in Arnstadt, which was also attended by SV 09 Arnstadt and Chemie Leipzig. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to speak to him briefly.

Sharod, after your transfer from SV 09 Arnstadt U19 to FSV Schleiz, you must have noticed some differences. How have you settled into your new team, and how does daily life at FSV Schleiz differ from that at Arnstadt?

SG: Indeed, there were some changes, but thanks to the support of the academy and my new teammates, I quickly found my place. My arrival at FSV Schleiz was marked by a warm welcome that provided me with security and comfort. Daily life here significantly differs from that in the academy; living independently, especially in a foreign country, requires a lot of responsibility and discipline.

The transition from youth to senior teams is often a big adjustment. How do you find the adaptation at FSV Schleiz compared to your time in the U19 team of Arnstadt?

SG: With the change, the intensity noticeably increased, as did the demands on alertness, physicality, and the pace of play.

Football is not only physically demanding but also mental. What mental challenges have you faced since your transfer to FSV Schleiz, and how do you cope with them?

SG: I place my mental focus in God’s hands. He fights my battles for me and takes away my worries. That’s how I deal with the challenges.

Every player has specific career goals. What personal goals have you set for the next two years, and how do you plan to achieve them?

SG: I aim to improve my game and compete at a higher level. This requires continuous dedication and improving by 1% every day, but most importantly, it’s about following God’s plan.

The change of clubs also affects the relationship with teammates and coaches. How has your relationship with the team and coaching staff developed since your transfer?

SG: My relationships within the team and with the coaching staff are positive and continue to grow stronger over time.

Before you came to FSV Schleiz, you gained valuable experiences in our football academy. How have these experiences prepared you for the demands and challenges of playing at a higher level?

SG: The time spent in the academy was formative, especially due to the staff, who not only bring a deep understanding of football but have also played at a high level themselves. This preparation was crucial for the step to the next level and has prepared me well for the challenges in higher-class football.

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