Balo & Allen are back

After a long injury break, Balo and Allen are finally returning to SV 09 Arnstadt. We seized this moment to talk with both players about their experiences and emotions during the injury period and their thoughts on returning to the team.

Balo: Tell us how you feel being back on the pitch and scoring for your club. How satisfied are you with your performance, especially after being successful in test matches and scoring six goals just last Tuesday?

To be honest, it’s a blessing to be back on the field and doing my best to help the team. All I can say is that God made it possible. It was a pleasure to score six goals to help the team win, and my performance was good, but I know it can be great. So, I just have to keep working and trust the progress.

Allen: You’ve overcome the same injury as Balo. Can you describe your feelings and the significance of your recovery? How was your first game in the Oberliga after the injury?

Yes, the recovery process was a mental challenge, but with the help of the team, the academy staff, as well as my family and friends, they made me believe and were able to push me through. My first game in the Oberliga was okay. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but as the game progressed, I got more into it. Unfortunately, we didn’t secure the 3 points, but I was really happy and blessed to be back on the field.

Balo: The recovery phase was surely not easy for you. What helped you to overcome the setback and not lose motivation?

The recovery was not easy at all, but what helped me not lose motivation was a question I asked myself: If many players had the same injuries as I did and came back stronger, why can’t I do it too? So, I just let it happen and knew I could do it as well. And the best thing I did during the recovery period was getting closer to God, which actually helped me a lot and made my faith stronger day by day!

Allen: What kept you from losing courage during your recovery phase?

What kept me from losing courage is the love I have for the game. I’ve been playing football since I was five years old and never thought about quitting. I’ve worked hard to be in the position I am in right now, and I wasn’t going to let this injury get in the way of my career goals. I’ve come way too far to give up now.

Balo: Despite the injury, you supported your team in almost all league games. How did you feel being welcomed back to the team?

It was good, my teammates showed me a lot of love and support, so it was a pleasure to be back!

Allen: How was it for you to be back on the pitch with the team?

It felt good to be back playing with my teammates, training hard, and leaving everything on the field – it’s truly a blessing from God.

Balo & Allen: What goals have you set for this year? To what extent have the club and the academy supported you during your injury period?

Balo: My goals for this year are to help the team as best as I can and to score as many goals as possible! The club and the academy supported me a lot during my injury period by always checking up on me to see how I was doing mentally. They showed me that it wasn’t the end of my career. They made sure I took therapy seriously and recovered properly. I want to thank the whole club and the academy organization for never giving up on me, especially Torsten and Hausi, to whom I owe a lot of respect. Thank you once again!

Allen: My goals for this year are to get fully back into playing form, to play as many games as possible, and to win games. The team and the academy helped me very much during the recovery by always checking up on me to make sure everything was good, especially Torsten and Hausi, who were with me every step of the recovery, always making sure my rehab was good. They always told me not to rush things, to be careful, but also to work hard to get back to playing. I’m truly thankful and blessed to have them in my corner.

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