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The founders' vision

Even before the foundation, we have invested a lot of work, commitment and energy to develop our future image of the Soccer Academy with our values, performance and meaning. Now it’s time to introduce you to our founding idea.

Behind every startup is a clear founder vision for which is worth to give everything every day and makes life a little bit better. Exactly this is our vision:

“We want to pick you up, develop you and make you better as athletes and as individuals!”

Through individual training support at a high level of training and play, everyone can improve and develop with us in the technical, tactical and physical areas at a sporting level. Our private academy has the goal to accompany national and international soccer talents between the ages of 16 and 21 on their soccer, but also personal development path — “on the way to becoming a professional”.

This path is rocky, difficult and there are no guarantees; we know that. Nevertheless, it is our vision to give young people who are enthusiastic about soccer, the chance to go this way by providing professional conditions. The following basic elements make up our everyday life:

  • Train together
  • Improving constantly
  • Winning and losing together
  • Learning and studying together

Through the cooperation with our partner club SV 09 Arnstadt we have the option to use national and international players in the game and to enable playing practice.

However, our founding spirit includes not only the soccer path but also the development of the young people on a personal level. Education, openness, acceptance, empathy and conviction are keywords that describe our vision. We want to give young people the chance, parallel to their school education, to find their way as human beings and athletes under professional conditions, at best the “way to become professionals”. A challenge that we accept.

The academy

The heart of the Soccer Academy, besides the training fields, is the boarding school in the former “Hotel Anders”, which offers a small piece of home with its spacious facility. On more than 5000 square meters there are 37 living rooms, which are divided into single and double rooms, teaching and learning rooms, rooms for leisure activities, a dining hall, a small restaurant with bar and a beautiful outdoor area.

The boarding school is located at Gehrener Straße 22, 99310 Arnstadt, within walking distance of the training grounds “Am Obertunk” and the Jahn Stadium. The furnished rooms are bright and very homelike and offer space for a bed, desk and closet. Each room has its own small entrance area and a bathroom with shower. Catering is provided by our in-house kitchen, which cooks fresh and sportsman-friendly meals every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are completely covered, as well as packed lunches for long trips away!

The boarding school also has a physiotherapy facility for optimal medical care, which can be used by the Soccer Academy.

The boarding students are assisted by qualified educators and social pedagogues, ensuring 24/7 supervision.

Why was Arnstadt chosen as the location?

The location underlines the importance for Thuringia and offers a familiar environment. The geographic location, the infrastructure, an open sports city and, with SV 09 Arnstadt, a club that stands for both popular sports but also the competitive sector.

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About the academy

Our history

On 29.12.2020 the Soccer Academy Arnstadt was officially founded.

In October 2021, the former “Hotel Anders” was taken over as the main building of the Soccer Academy. On more than 5000 square meters are divided 37 living rooms, which are divided into single and double rooms, teaching and learning rooms, rooms for leisure activities, a dining room, a small restaurant with bar and a beautiful outdoor area.

In March 2022 we welcomed the first students or TryOuts in the Soccer Academy Arnstadt.

Soccer Academy Arnstadt